Assurance of Heaven -Book Excerpt 1

For the next several blogs I will be posting excerpts from my book, Assurance of Heaven; God’s Promise to Anyone Who Believes the Gospel. In some posts I may add some additional comments to the chapter excerpt. The following excerpt is from the introduction which frames the purpose for the book.  “Do you lack assuranceContinue reading “Assurance of Heaven -Book Excerpt 1”

Do You Gain Assurance by Persevering to the End? Part 3

Perseverance in anything is not automatic. It certainly does not come automatically in the Christian faith. That’s why there are so many instructions in the Bible about persevering in trials, enduing difficulties, being patient in suffering, running the race, and abiding in Christ. Assurance is not gained by persevering. Persevering in trials by faith isContinue reading “Do You Gain Assurance by Persevering to the End? Part 3”

Do You Gain Assurance by Persevering to the End? Part 2

A person who believes the gospel is immediately delivered from the penalty of sin. He is justified by faith; declared righteous in his positional standing with God. But justification never guarantees that a believer will persevere to the end of life in faith and good works. People teach that; the Bible doesn’t. The Bible doesContinue reading “Do You Gain Assurance by Persevering to the End? Part 2”

Do You Gain Assurance by Presevering to the End? Part I

Many well-meaning teachers proclaim that a true believer will persevere in faith and good works to the end of life. But if one must persevere in faith and good works, then it would be impossible to know that we will end up in heaven. You could never know until the day you died, if youContinue reading “Do You Gain Assurance by Presevering to the End? Part I”

Assurance in the Message of the Prophet

In the last post Abel was identified as the very first prophet. He prophesied of a coming Messiah (Christ) that would die for sin and rise from the dead. The purpose was to fulfill God’s promise to Adam and Eve of a Deliverer who would crush the head of the serpent (Gen. 3). God immediatelyContinue reading “Assurance in the Message of the Prophet”

The First Prophet

The very first prophet mentioned in the Bible was Abel the son of our first parents, Adam and Eve (Luke 11:50, 51). And according to the same writer, Luke, all the prophets foretold of the future suffering of the Messiah [Christ] (Acts 3:18). In a conversation with King Agrippa, the apostle Paul said that heContinue reading “The First Prophet”

Preview of “Assurance of Heaven” Book

Many are subtly taught that you must be good to go to heaven. Assurance of Heaven shows how incorrect Biblical teaching causes people to doubt their salvation because they are trusting in their performance rather than in Christ. Must one persevere to the end to be saved? Can a true believer fall away? Can oneContinue reading “Preview of “Assurance of Heaven” Book”