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Assurance of Heaven Study Guide is designed to compliment the book. It may be used for personal study and/or for group ministry. No permission is required if it is distributed unedited at no charge.

The Study Guide is designed to be used with the book. The answers to the questions are meant to be answered according to each accompanying Bible verse. The Study Guide could be used simply with the Bible. However there are some questions that the book will give further explanation. Here are some suggestions when doing a group or individual study:

1. Pray for understanding and wisdom from God.

2. Remember the guide is simply a guide. It is intended to help you dig deeper into God’s word and discover for yourself His truth.

3. Bible study is not an intellectual pursuit. For the child of God, it is how we hear from Him. And it’s how we deepen our relationship with Him.

4. The approach for studing the Bible should be: observation, interpretation, and application. Applying what we know by faith is the purpose.

5. Strive to understand verses in context. Context may be the most important aspect when it comes to interpretation.

6. The Bible is from God. All other books about the Bible are written by men, including this one. Commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and etc. are helpful, but they are written by men. Books by men can be incorrect about some things.

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