Thank you for visiting this page. Assurance of Heaven shows from the Bible that you can know you have everlasting life that cannot be lost!

Assurance of Heaven

Author: George Mains

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A Barna Group survey in 2017 found that two-thirds of Christians have had doubts about their faith. In his new book, Assurance of Heaven, George Mains shares how he too had questioned his faith. But he found deliverance by taking God at His word and you can too. The book can help you gain a better understanding of God’s grace.

The author has served as an elder, deacon, and Bible teacher for over thirty years. While serving at numerous church outreach events, he came to realize that many others were similarly uncertain. Christians can often lack assurance of salvation because they misunderstand God’s amazing grace!

The author challenges the reader to think Biblically, examining how wrong teaching can cause one to doubt. It addresses confusing verses and doctrines in easy to understand language. It provides clarity of the gospel, demonstrating how it is often subtly distorted with additional requirements. The book contains twelve illustrative charts to bring clarity to many of these Biblical truths.

What others are saying…

To anyone just starting to learn about what Jesus has done, this book is for you. To anyone who worries about whether God expects you to earn your salvation, this book is for you. To anyone struggling with doubts about whether you really are saved, this book is for you. To anyone who understands your security but wants to learn how to tell others about it, this book is for you. Anyone with an open mind will learn something valuable in these pages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Amazon Reviewer

I like how George has given plenty of scripture references to show us where and why in the Bible these important points are, and also has used examples to help make it understandable.” Barnes and Noble Review

“…well written and supported by excellent Biblical research.” J. Ruoff, Retired Principal

… George has thoughtfully and correctly explained the role of grace as the motivating factor for all believers who are called to a life of holiness. Read it and be challenged!” Stephen Schneider, Former Missionary to the Middle East

Assurance of Heaven by George Mains is a must read for believers to erase those doubts about whether they are good enough. Thank you George.” Rick Timko

…I got excited in chapter six when you explained John’s baptism of repentance for the remission of sins from Acts 19:4. I had never had that explained before. Very good! He was pointing folks to Christ and the repentance was changing their minds to come to faith in Christ. …Finished the book tonight. …. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Retired Pastor

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

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