Assurance of Heaven

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Author: George Mains

THANK YOU for visiting this page. Assurance of Heaven shows from the Bible that you can know you have everlasting life that cannot be lost! IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE, THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ. A free study guide can be downloaded from the website for individual or group study.

In the book, Assurance of Heaven, George Mains shares how he too had questioned his faith. But he found deliverance by taking God at His word and you can too. The book will help you gain a better understanding of God’s amazing grace.  In an easy, understandable way, the author shows from the Bible that assurance is essential for spiritual growth.

The author challenges the reader to think Biblically and shows how to discern wrong teaching that can cause one to doubt. It addresses confusing verses and doctrines in easy to understand language. It provides clarity of the gospel, demonstrating how it is often subtly distorted with additional requirements. The book contains twelve illustrative charts to bring clarity to many of these Biblical truths.

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Have you noticed how drastic the times have changed in the last thirty years? Are you looking for peace of mind, but can’t seem to find it? Do you wonder what in the world is going on? The author identifies in a concise and easy-to-understand way fifteen Biblical truths that are conditioning the world for the time of the end. If you want peace in a turbulent world, the imminent coming of Jesus should be an encouragement and comfort.  

  • Vanished When Millions go Missing is a great resource to help anyone understand the Biblical signs of the times. 
  • It will give you insight into how God is using world affairs to bring about the end days, just as the prophets foretold.  
  • It will encourage you to have hope while living in a hopeless world.  

“I found it overall to be a concise and encouraging review of a subject that is usually made overcomplicated and antagonistic. Well done!”  Stanley Pricener, Teaching Minister, the Potter’s Church 

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