Preview of “Assurance of Heaven” Book

Many are subtly taught that you must be good to go to heaven. Assurance of Heaven shows how incorrect Biblical teaching causes people to doubt their salvation because they are trusting in their performance rather than in Christ.

  • Must one persevere to the end to be saved?
  • Can a true believer fall away?
  • Can one fail miserably and still go to heaven?
  • How many good works are necessary?

Assurance of Heaven makes the Biblical gospel clear so as a believer you can know you have everlasting life.

The author, George Mains, has served in church leadership for over 35 years. Currently he serves as an elder, teacher, and usher at Calvary Baptist Church in Irwin, PA. He and his wife, Carol, have two sons and seven grandkids.

The book is available through Xulon Press, on Amazon, and in local bookstores.

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