Ancient Reports and Today’s News

I had the blessing and the privilege to be interviewed about my new book, Vanished When Millions Go Missing, by Michelle Mendoza on her program, Michelle has appeared on CNN, CBS radio, and television news stations. Her relatable, quick-witted and engaging personality is why Michelle is critically acclaimed and stands out in the broadcast industry. 

After decades on the radio, My Michelle Live is now a top 100 podcast. She looks for the God story and finds where the truth can set you free. Recently, she has also interviewed Dr. Ben Carson on his new book, Created Equal.

Michelle is a terrific interviewer and we had a great time together, discussing how world events are setting the stage for end-time Biblical prophecies. Our INTERVIEW can be heard on under the title, Ancient Reports and Today’s News.


Assurance of Heaven – be sure that heaven is your final destination!

4 thoughts on “Ancient Reports and Today’s News

  1. Really enjoyed watching this! Applause to you and she is a wonderful host.Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    1. Thanks upallnight3! Appreciate the encouraging words. Michelle is really good interviewer and we enjoyed discussing the things happening around the word and how they are setting the stage for the rapture and the coming great tribulation.


  2. Really nice interview. George, you did a very nice job and I love your emphasis on how every word in the Bible is true!


  3. Thanks for the encouraging words, Ed. We know that fulfilled prophecy is one of the things that makes the Bible distinct from any other book. Indeed, it is the very word of God to us and prophecy proves it!


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