Read an excerpt of ‘When Millions Go Missing’

Because many people are concerned about the conditions of our country and our world, I decided to put together a short book addressing the soon return of Christ. Vanished When Millions go Missing discloses 15 factors from Biblical prophecy that appear to be converging, indicating that we may be living in the end days. In the book, I suggest that God is using world affairs to bring about the end times just as the prophets foretold.  

It demonstrates how the world is being conditioned to accept a one world government and a one world ruler who will appear to have supernatural powers and great ability to solve world problems. It is concise, well-documented, and easy to understand, while covering a wide range of topics from a possible Russian invasion into Israel to demonic deception to the Mark of the Beast to the rapture. Although these things can be frightening, the book shows that the Christian can have hope in Christ and the promise of His coming.  

Read an excerpt of Vanished When Millions Go Missing

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