The Next Russian Invasion

When I was a kid, the television would run ads of Nikita Khrushchev, the premier of the Soviet Union, saying to us, “We will bury you”. The United States was in a cold war with Russia. It was definitely a scary time. In 1962 the Soviet Union placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, only 90 miles from our southern coast. After thirteen days and the threat of a nuclear conflict, they removed them.

During those years in school, we practiced drills in case of a nuclear attack by crouching under your desk. People began to build underground bomb shelters. It was an unsettling time. Well, it seems that Russia is up to something again, but not in the way you may be thinking.

Invasion in the Latter Days

In my upcoming book, Vanished When Millions Go Missing, I include a brief chapter about the invasion into Israel by Gog (a ruler), of the land of Magog. The prophet, Ezekiel, records information about a land, once called Magog, where a major attack into Israel will originate during the end times. Some believe Magog is located in the Caucasus Mountains located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and parts of Southern Russia. Others point out that Magog is also associated with “Rosh” in Ezekiel 38, which some believe is a reference to Russia. Ezekiel says that the invasion will happen “in the latter years” and “in the latter days” (Ez. 38:8, 16).

The ancient prophecy makes it clear that this invasion will come from “the far north” in relation to Israel (Ez. 38:15). Both modern day Ukraine and Russia are directly far north of Israel. This battle will also involve the modern day countries of Turkey [Meshech, Gomer, Togarmah, and Tubal], Iran [Persia], northern Sudan [Cush], Libya [Put], and Ethiopia. (Ez. 38:2-6) It occurs when Israel is dwelling safely without walled villages (Ez. 38:11). This confederation of nations will be drawn there to plunder and to take booty (Ez. 38:12).

The Necessity of a Modern Day Nation of Israel

The invasion was not possible a thousand years ago or even a hundred years ago. It wasn’t possible because Israel didn’t exist until May of 1948 as a sovereign nation. God said He would regather the remnant a second time at the end of the tribulation. (Is. 11:11, 12; Matt. 24:31) The first worldwide gathering has happened. In the last one hundred years, many Jewish people have immigrated back to their homeland. The Jewish population has grown from about 85,000 in 1915 to almost 7 million today.

Secondly, at that time, the land was barren and the fledgling country had little to offer economically. There was nothing there to plunder. There was nothing there to take. It has only been in recent years that Israel has begun to prosper as a nation.

Israel’s Growing Prosperity

Though it has a population of only 8.65 million, Israel ranks 23rd worldwide in its total number of millionaires and its wealth is growing quickly. According to an article by Nate Martin on, “Earlier in the history of the country, it was struggling. Now “the World Bank states that Israel is a high-income country. Its standard of living is significantly higher when compared to most other countries in the same region. In fact, its standard of living is comparable to that of many other highly developed countries.”

ISRAEL HAS SOMETHING TO PLUNDER NOW! It has only been in the last twenty to thirty years that this prophecy could be fulfilled They are there and thriving. No other group of people have been restored to their homeland after 2,000 years of dispersion. The fact that the people have come back into the land and are prospering is a modern day miracle.

Are We Living in the Latter Years?

Due to Israel’s return to the land, their growing wealth, and the current rise again of antisemitism, in addition to the current condition of the world and the lack of the stability in the middle east, are these factors converging to prepare these nations for this future invasion? When will Russia, Turkey, Iran, and others invade Israel and be defeated on the mountains of Israel? (Ez. 39:4) Are we living in the latter years and latter days? After 2,600 years and 950,000 days since Ezekiel’s prophecy, sure seems like we might be!

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