The Greatest Sacrifice of ALL!

November 11th. is Veteran’s day. My dad and six of my uncles served in WW II. My father-in-law was shot down and captured, spending 15 months as a prisoner of war in Stalag 17. One of his brothers was killed in action. My father, who served on a five-inch gun on the battleship, Nevada, was credited for shooting down a Japanese kamikaze plane, saving the command structure of the ship.  One of his brothers received a purple heart at the battle of the Bulge.

There are numerous stories of heroic acts of those in every war. Sergeant Alvin York was one of the most decorated soldiers of WW I. He attacked a German machine gun nest, killed 25 of the enemy, and captured 132.  

Medal of Honor Recipients

Jason Dunham, a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corp, while fighting with his unit in Karabilah, Iraq, dove on top of a grenade to save fellow Marines. When it exploded Dunham was seriously injured and died eight days later. 

Michael Anthony Monsoor a U.S. Navy SEAL, quickly smothered a grenade with his body, absorbing the resulting explosion and saving his comrades from serious injury or death. Monsoor died 30 minutes later from serious wounds caused by the grenade explosion.  

William T. Perkins, a Marine Corp Vietnam War Photographer, saved three of his fellow Marines when he dove on a hand grenade, completely covering it with his body. He is the only war photographer to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.   

Gratitude for those who sacrificed all!

You can only imagine the lifelong gratitude that those who survived because of the self-sacrifice of the one covering the grenade with his body. You live because another has died for you.  

As I researched a few of these amazing acts of courage, it brought tears to my eyes with gratitude for their service and selfless acts of heroism. Our freedom has been purchased with much blood and sacrifice by many of our citizens who have served in our military.  

The Greatest Sacrifice of ALL

But there is one sacrifice that is the greatest of all. It’s the story of God’s sacrifice. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully Man, came down to earth to offer Himself as the all-sufficient substitutionary sacrifice for sin. 

Jesus jumped on your Spiritual Hand Grenade

Jesus’ death on the cross was the payment for sin, the sins of the world. “He tasted death for everyone” (Heb. 2:9). Our sin debt has been paid in full by Jesus Christ. We have no debt to pay, because He paid it for us! In His resurrection He proved that He has the power over sin and death.

Like the soldiers in the fox hole, Jesus jumped on your spiritual hand grenade. And like a surviving solder’s gratitude for the sacrifice of his brother in arms, aren’t you forever grateful to Jesus for His sacrifice? He died in our place and saved us eternally. How will you now respond to the One who has saved you from the eternal lake of fire where the devil and his angels will be?  

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” I Corinthians 9:15

Know that your relationship with God is secure forever!


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