Good News in God’s Colors

Autumn here in western Pennsylvania is an amazing palet of God’s design. It inspired me to write a gospel tract a couple years ago that would incorporate many of God’s beautiful colors.

Most of us find it difficult to share the gospel. But one simple way is a good gospel tract. It can be left on the table at a restaurant or handed to a cashier at the grocery store. They can be used in a very non-confrontational way.

This particular tract helps you to go through the gospel verbally as well. By following the colors, it will give a clear presentation of the gospel. It’s simply explained in four parts: God’s is holy; we are helpless sinners; Jesus died in our place; and the only requirement is for a person to believe in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A color- coded wrist band can be used also and given to the individual along with the tract to help them remember these truths.

A few follow up questions on the back helps to determine what the individual has understood.

Do you understand the following statements to true?

  • Jesus is God.
  • You are not perfect. God is perfect. He is holy.
  • Your goodness or religious efforts can’t save you.
  • You are a helpless sinner unable to save yourself.
  • Jesus died for your sins. He took the punishment that you deserve.
  • His death paid for all sins (past, present, and future).
  • Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.
  • Jesus is the only One that can save you from eternal death and give you everlasting life.
  • Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

It concludes with the following paragraph:

Do you understand all the above statements and do you BELIEVE that they are true? If you believe these are true of you and of God then the Bible gives you 100% assurance that you have everlasting life, that you are ‘born again’; that you have complete forgiveness; and that you are restored to a relationship with  God. 

Use a tract to share the gospel with someone this week. It can have eternal value! Check out the whole tract at Moments with the Book. (Caution: Not all gospel tracts are equal. I do not endorse all the gospel tracts at this site)

Check out the free companion Study Guide to the book, Assurance of Heaven.

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