What’s pulling your Train – the Engine or the Caboose?

Often decisions about what is right and what is wrong are defined according to what one feels. Feelings motivate people to do a whole host of things. As a young boy I was hammering on a piece of wood. I hit my thumb. In anger I swung the hammer again and hit my thumb a second time. Emotions often get the best of us.

Emotions in and of themselves are not a bad thing. We were created to have emotions. But when emotions lead your decision making process, then things can go astray. To say it simply, the ‘mind’ should be the engine; the ‘will’ should be the coal car; and ’emotion’ should follow.

Mind will emotions

God appeals to our mind (engine) through His truth intending it to change our will (coal car) and emotions (caboose) may follow. He intends to lead us according to His Word. God designed us with a mind, will, and emotions. But He never intended for us to be led by emotions.

But the world system created by the devil appeals to our old nature to lead us according to our emotions. It appeals to my emotions to affect change in my mind and my will follows. In this way what we think and do is controlled by emotion rather than truth.

God intended to change our mind through His word. That’s the only way transformation takes place in the life of a believer (Rom. 12:2). He intends for His truth to lead and guide the way we live and how we respond to the situations of life, so that we can be functional and fruitful. Nothing wrong with feelings, but like a caboose they’re not intended to pull the train.

What and who is guiding your life? Are your decisions influenced by your emotions? Or are you allowing God to direct you according to His word? Are you being led by the engine or the caboose?

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